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Mental Health Court Program Material
Conceptual Tools Articles and essays for judicial
Stage-based Modeling in the Mental Health Court.pdf
Therapeutic Dialogues – Incantations for the Judicial Midwife.pdf
Didactic Fragments  The scrapings and shavings of program logic.

Comprehensive Assessment for Program Advancement.pdf
Concept Mapping and Complexity Theory.pdf
Expectancy Motivation Assignments.pdf
MHC Phases of Advancement.pdf
Summary of Therapeutic Dialogues for Judicial Interviewing.pdf
The Scope of Process and Practical Work in the MHC Program.pdf
The Taxonomy of Mental Health Court Eligibility.pdf
Empirical Interest  Mental health court assessment, evaluation, and outcome studies.
Baseline Data File.pdf
Followup Data File.pdf

Orientation Briefs   Power point presentations on program principles and practice.
Advancement Brief.pdf
Application – Long.pdf
Application Questionnaire.pdf
Authorization for Disclosure.pdf
Code of Conduct.pdf
Eligibility Screening Form.pdf
Goal Setting for Phase Advancement.pdf
Orientation Program.pdf
Orientation Sheet.pdf
Orientation to Program Advancement.pdf
Orientation to Program Phases.pdf
Participant Guidebook.pdf
Transitional Housing Agreement.pdf
Transitional Housing Inspection List.pdf

Program Monographs Short abstracts on basic program information.
Application of the Transtheoretical Model in the Judicial Interview.pdf
Motivational Judicial Interviewing.pdf
Solution Focused Judicial Interviewing.pdf
The Stage Paradigm as the Leitmotif for Program Advancement.pdf
The Utilization of Peer Support in the Mental health Court Program.pdf
Public Interest  News articles and other public notice about the mental health court program.
Changing a Life.pdf
Four graduate from mental health court.pdf
Mending the Mind.pdf
Mental Health Event Coming.PNG
Option for Justice.pdf
Schematics Visual representations of program structure and function.

Advancement Assessment.pdf
Circle of Influence.pdf
Concept Map.pdf
Criminogenic Risk Response.pdf
DWS Job Search Instructions.pdf
Eligibility Schema.pdf
Eligibility Taxonomy.pdf
Juristic Triad.pdf
Logistical Triad.pdf
MH Court Integrative Model.pdf
Measured Progress in Practical Activities.pdf
Motivational Cycle.pdf
Orientation Schema.pdf
Practical Triad.pdf
Reciprocal Partnership – Criminal Justice and Mental Health.pdf
Regulatory Triad.pdf
Rhetorical Triad.pdf
Stage Model Comparisons.pdf
Status Hearing report.pdf
Therapeutic Dialogues Summary Schema.pdf