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BRMH Job Position Details

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Family Resource and Peer Support Specialist

Position Description:  Family Resource Facilitator/Peer Support Specialist (FPSS) is to have “lived-experience” or been actively involved in helping a family member who experiences emotional, behavioral, mental health or substance use challenges.  The FPSS is able to navigate systems and receive specialist training to empower other families who are helping family members with similar experiences. Job requirements include:  valid Utah address, valid Utah driver’s license, be a parent or other family member of a person who has received a diagnosis of SPMI or SED and has received mental health or substance use treatment and support services, and ability to manage their own well-being.  Coordinate, assess, and link Center clients and families to needed services, and monitor the situation of those resources.  Provide group skills development to Center clients as assigned.  Assist in the development of, and act as liaison with local family support and information groups.  Provide Peer Support Services, as needed, by providing recovery training and outreach to clients, through coaching, mentoring, role modeling, and as appropriate, using one’s own recovery story and experience as a recovery tool.  The peer support specialist assists with the development and actualization of the client’s individual recovery goals, including: 1. work to provide hope, encouragement, support, and connection to the community 2.  Assist in developing natural supports and community living by connecting clients with needed resources.  3.  Teach and train, using the recovery model to problem solve, combat negative self-talk, overcome fear, cope, self-manage illness, and prevent relapse.  4.  Model personal adherence to the recovery skills taught.  5.  Work as a member of the treatment team by following through with assignments made by the treatment coordinator and contributing information obtained through client interaction.  6.  Assist in the development of recovery plans that build on the client’s strengths.

Additional Activities:  Complete up-to-date quality service documentation including progress notes by 30 minutes past closing of the next business day in the Center’s automated clinical records system. Obtain approval from immediate supervisor on any and all leave taken. Attend supervision appointments and team and organization meetings, as scheduled. Serve on assigned committees to facilitate and coordinate with DHS divisions serving children and youth, and represent the “client voice” as appropriate. Participate, with Center staff, in the development of the curriculum for group skills activities. Maintain an automated schedule, reflecting the FTE availability within Center hours, in order to be consistently available and visible to Center staff and clients. Prepare materials for groups. Attend appropriate trainings within, and outside of the Center for job development, and obtain “Wraparound Facilitation” certification.

Position Requirements: High School Diploma or GED, willing to acquire Case Management and FPSS certification in the State of Utah. Bachelors degree in psychology, social work, or related field and experience preferred.   Ability to work well in a team setting. Must have a current Utah driver’s license and good driving record, and be able to pass a Criminal Background Investigation.


  • Knowledge of confidentiality & ability to maintain strict compliance with confidentiality of all client and Center sensitive information.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of community resources available to the mentally disabled.
  • Teaming skills for effective interoffice relations and for working with others in client treatment.
  • Computer literacy and skills for operation of automated medical records, email, scheduling, etc.
  • Timeliness with schedule including whereabouts, arrival to work, attendance at meetings, and client appointments.
  • Document exact and “to the minute” for billings and time sheet entries.
  • Positive attitude related to job expectations, supervision, Center policies and procedures, etc.
  • Ability to behave ethically, and to understand and maintain appropriate boundaries with clients and staff.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Flexible hours to meet client and/or Center needs.
  • Conduct expected tasks in a safe manner, uphold Center safety policies, and report perceived safety issues to appropriate sources.

Position Location: Logan, Utah

Position Salary: $17.94/hr – $20.18/hr based on experience

Position Hours: 20 hours per week
Position Shifts: Weekdays Monday – Friday

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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