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Peer Support

Living with mental illness is challenging in many ways, one of which is the ability to connect socially with others. It is common for those with mental illness to feel alone, misunderstood and lost. These feelings can lead to worsening symptoms, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Bear River Mental Health offers peer support services for those who need to reconnect with others who have a real understanding of what they are going through.

What Is Peer Support?

A peer is someone with whom we can identify, generally through age, gender, interest or shared language. When it comes to behavioral health, peers are those who share the experiences of living with mental illness or addiction with our clients. For most people, having someone to talk to and rely on who understands exactly what they are going through is invaluable.

Our peer support services provide our clients with a way to improve their social functioning, increase their self-confidence and learn appropriate communication skills in an environment where they feel safe and appreciated. The peers at BMH can provide emotional support, share their knowledge and help those who are struggling get the help that they need.

How Can Peer Support Help?

An unfortunate truth of mental illness is that there is still some surrounding stigma. For some who are living with a psychiatric diagnosis, it can be nearly impossible to find someone to talk to about their struggles. When someone becomes isolated or feels alienated, they may resist treatment or be unable to find out about the treatment options that could help them. Peer support can provide our clients with more knowledge about the help available out there, and it can prevent the isolation that may come from feeling alone.

For those with mental illness, finding friendship can be a real challenge. Peer support is a great resource for building relationships through community and understanding. Having someone to lean on can lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and being the person your peer needs to lean on can provide a sense of responsibility and purpose.

Contact Bear River Mental Health Today

Here at Bear River Mental Health, we believe that prevention is key. Peer support is a proven method that can improve our clients’ lives, prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness and decrease instances of hospitalization. If you think that peer support may be something that could benefit your mental well-being, contact Bear River Mental Health today.

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