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Psychological Testing

Without the proper diagnosis, someone dealing with mental health struggles may face difficulty finding successful treatment. In many cases, psychological testing can help determine what a person’s condition may be and lead practitioners toward a treatment plan that is personalized for an individual patient. Bear River Mental Health offers psychological testing services that our providers utilize to improve outcomes and give our patients the help they are looking for.

What Is Psychological Testing?

Mental health professionals conduct a series of tests on their patients that assess a variety of factors that may contribute to overall mental wellness. These assessments are performed in order to gather information about how a person behaves, thinks, feels and reacts in certain situations. They then look at the combined testing results to help determine a diagnosis and begin planning for treatment options.

Some of the most common types of psychological tests include:

  • Written assessments
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Memory games
  • Observations
  • Interviews

Mental health providers will determine which tests to use based on the individual needs of their patients and their reported symptoms.

What Do Psychological Tests Measure?

Different types of psychological assessments measure different things and the mental health provider administering the testing will decide what they’re looking to measure. Common measurements include the following:

  • Adaptive Behavior – A person’s social and practical skills that may determine his or her ability to function at home, work or school on a daily basis.
  • Cognitive Ability – The measurement of a person’s problem-solving skills, comprehension, vocabulary or memory. Providers often use intelligence tests for this measurement.
  • Personality Traits – Using a personality test, mental health practitioners look at a person’s personality traits to determine whether they are a cause of mental health concerns.
  • Aptitudes – This measurement shows how well a person can perform tasks to determine where their best abilities lie.

After completing psychological testing, the psychologist will look at all measurements within the context of the person tested to interpret what the results may mean. Factors such as socioeconomic status, home environment and physical health all play a role in an overall psychological assessment.

Schedule Psychological Testing at Bear River Mental Health

If you feel like psychological testing may be beneficial to your mental health treatment plan, contact Bear River Mental Health. We can connect you with a licensed mental health provider who will work closely with you to determine if testing is appropriate and, if so, which types of tests will benefit you most.

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