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Respite Care

Being the caregiver of a child dealing with mental health conditions can be rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming at times. You may face burnout as well as physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Bear River Mental Health offers respite care to help parents and families have breaks from the 24/7 grind of caring for a child with severe emotional distress.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is temporary relief provided to parents/guardians, giving them the chance to step away from the intense demands that come with caring for a child with a diagnosed mental illness. Parents may spend up to 24 hours a day assisting a mentally ill child, which makes it difficult to find time to run errands, spend time with other children in the family or simply have time to themselves.

Respite care can lift that burden for a moment, helping to prevent burnout and offering a change of routine, for both the caregiver as well as the child, and provide a safe, child-friendly interaction with individuals outside of the family. It also reduces the risk that a child will require out-of-home placement, relieving the stress that may weigh on all members of the family.

Without regular breaks, parents and families can get overwhelmed, stressed out and even suffer from depression. It is important to take time to recharge, reconnect with other family members and find fulfillment in activities outside of the home. Regular breaks can help parents become reenergized and reinvigorated about their roles as caregivers for children with mental illness who may have difficult behaviors.

Respite Care Services

It may be difficult for parents to feel comfortable leaving their child in the hands of someone else. Bear River Mental Health’s trained respite caregivers provide safe, compassionate care as recommended by one of our practitioners. Our providers can spend a few hours offering age-appropriate activities in your home, in one of our community facilities or elsewhere in the community with your child.

Our respite providers will work with you and your child’s therapist to determine exactly what you and your child will need so that you can truly have a break while you’re away instead of worrying about what is happening back at home.

Reach Out Today

If you are struggling with your role as a primary caregiver, today is the day to reach out for help. Respite care can give you the chance to step away, recharge, and come back ready to continue helping your child and your whole family. Respite can minimize the risk of out-of-home placement, so contact Bear River Mental Health today.

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