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Skills Development (Individual/Group)

Living as a fully functioning member of society requires certain skills, ranging from social and emotional to employment and relationships. Children also need to develop skills to learn how to interact with others and how to grow into adults who live fulfilling, positive lives. At Bear River Mental Health, we offer both individual and group skills development services, giving our clients the opportunities to improve their lives and their place in society.

What We Offer

Bear River Mental Health has facilities in Box Elder, Rich and Cache counties, and each of those facilities offers skills development programs that are designed to give our clients tools to succeed. While each of our locations have different offerings, some common ones include the following:

Emotional Regulation

Learning the skills to regulate your emotions is essential to overall wellbeing. Emotions are normal and healthy, but it takes practice to experience emotions without letting them take over. This program gives our clients the chance to improve all aspects of their lives, from relationships to work performance.

Stress Management

Most people experience stress regularly, but there are skills necessary to manage it. Our providers teach a variety of tools to aid in stress management and relief, including coping skills, managing social media, breathing exercises and self-care. With these skills, our clients are better able to handle the everyday stressors that life gives them.

Relationship Dynamics

For some people, building and maintaining positive relationships can be a challenge. Our cognitive behavior groups allow participants to improve their own self-esteem, behaviors and boundaries in order to enjoy fulfilling, healthy relationships

Health and Wellness

Bear River Mental Health offers several health and wellness groups and programs to help our clients develop lifelong skills related to taking care of their physical bodies. From fitness to healthy eating, participants learn how to be their best, healthiest selves.

Social Skills

Developing social skills takes practice and we have groups to give our clients the opportunities to learn positive interactions. Some basic skills we learn and practice include listening, forgiveness, gratitude and eye contact.Get In Touch Today

Learning is a lifelong process and Bear River Mental Health is proud to help our clients continue to develop important life and relationship skills that promote positive growth and self-reliance. If you’re interested in one of our groups or individual assistance, reach out today to find a program near you.

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Facilities and restrooms are accessible to individuals with developmental disabilities. Special accommodations may be provided prior to or during treatment upon request by contacting (435) 752-0750.

Bear River Mental Health Services, Inc. is a National Health Service Corps approved site.

No one will be denied access to services, due to inability to pay, age, race, color, national origin, language, cultural background, marital status, developmental disability, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.

There is a discounted/sliding fee schedule available for those who qualify.