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Crisis Management

There are times when your actions or behaviors may become threatening to yourself or others. In these moments, it is essential that you reach out for help. Bear River Mental Health provides comprehensive crisis management so that we can keep our clients, their loved ones and the community safe. Anyone struggling with mental health challenges can and should take advantage of this service.

You may not feel that your personal crisis is a big enough problem to require intervention, but we are here to help no matter the severity of your situation.


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In the midst of a mental health crisis, we can offer support and outreach. Our team of trained and licensed professionals provide stabilization to get your situation under control as quickly as possible. We know that outside intervention is often the key to solving a crisis and our compassionate and non-judgmental support can help to reduce tensions and calm nerves.

We provide crisis management for both adults and children. Our team members tailor our services based on each individual client and we provide immediate, therapeutic assistance to anyone dealing with emotional distress or a psychiatric crisis.


An important aspect of our crisis management services is prevention. Here at Bear River Mental Health, we believe that education and treatment are both key to reducing future crises. We offer follow-up services to those who have gone through a mental health crisis, as well as education for clients and loved ones on how they can provide support.

We want our clients to feel safe, so we work closely with you to provide mental and emotional tools and resources to use when a crisis may be imminent. These do not always prevent crises, but they can help to diffuse destructive behaviors and lessen the impact to you and others.

How Do You Know If It’s a Crisis?

Unsure of whether or not you are experiencing a mental health crisis? Remember that it can mean something different for everyone. Some of the common reasons that people reach out to us include feelings of anxiety, stress, depression or suicidal thoughts. If you feel overwhelmed or out of control, we can help. Remember, you are not alone!

Please contact Bear River Mental Health for more information about our crisis management services. However, if you or a loved one are expressing suicidal ideations or having suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline immediately at 988. This hotline is available 24/7 and provides free and confidential support.

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Facilities and restrooms are accessible to individuals with developmental disabilities. Special accommodations may be provided prior to or during treatment upon request by contacting (435) 752-0750.

Bear River Mental Health Services, Inc. is a National Health Service Corps approved site.

No one will be denied access to services, due to inability to pay, age, race, color, national origin, language, cultural background, marital status, developmental disability, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.

There is a discounted/sliding fee schedule available for those who qualify.